The Sopranos Pokie Review

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The Sopranos review

A New Video Pokie Based on the TV Series

Aristocrat now has two Sopranos pokies. The newer version is a video pokie, which builds on the popularity of the original mechanical-reel game. This features clips from the iconic TV shows, as well as multiple bonus features themed around the characters.

The Sopranos ran for 86 episodes, between 1999 and 2007. It focused on a crime family in New Jersey, led by the inimitable Tony Soprano. This show was a huge success. At it’s peak it had viewing figures of almost 13 million. The Sopranos was not only a success with the fans. It won many prestigious accolades, including Golden Globe and Emmy awards.

Note that this page covers the live Sopranos pokies from Aristocrat. PlayTech produced a completely different online pokie of the same name.

4 Reasons Why the Sopranos Pokies Might be a Hit For You

Not only will you get to relive some iconic moments from the TV series, there are plenty of game-play reasons to check out this poker machine. Here is a flavour of what you can expect:

  • 3 Progressive Jackpots: Including a mystery jackpot, which can strike at random
  • Roulette Bonus: Move chips onto the felt, before spinning a bonus wheel.
  • Earn Bonus: Pick a character and see how much they earn, then choose whether to gamble the winnings.
  • Dancers Bonus: Extra wild symbols via pole dancers on the reels.

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Sopranos Pokie Bonus Games: Wheel Bonus and Roulette

Before you spin the bonus wheel, there is a sub-game where you move chips onto a virtual roulette betting grid. You will have 6 chips, and 9 numbers to choose from. You simply tap the numbers to place the chips. This will affect the balance of symbols on the wheel which is displayed on the upper part of the cabinet.

You then spin the wheel. This can land on 3 types of wedge. The best is one of the two progressive jackpots. While these are not as big as the linked progressives, they are still worth winning. You can also win up to 15 free games, played at your current bet size. Finally, there are cash prizes, which get multiplied by your bet multiplier before being awarded.

‘Earn’ Bonus Game

Here you get to pick one of the side-characters from the show. There are four to choose from. Before the next part starts, you get a clip of that character who will thank you for choosing them.

Again, the upper part of the cabinet comes into play. You see banknotes being counted out on the right, and a meter on the left. This keeps rising until the notes run out. You then have a strategy choice to make. You can keep the amount you won, or gamble by choosing another character and repeating the sequence.

Random Jackpot Award

Above the free Sopranos pokie cabinets, you’ll find a third jackpot. This is not linked to the game-play. Instead it can drop at random after any spin. You’ll spin the reels, and a mystery amount will be awarded.

Dancers On-Reel Feature

The final bonus feature involves the popular club with scantily clad dancers. First, you see a clip from the Sopranos TV show. The dancers will then appear in silhouette form, sliding down poles over the reels. They leave wild symbols at random as they go. It is possible to get a lot of wilds, increasing your chances of a big win on the next spin.

Base Game Setup

There are a lot of bonus features on this poker machine. These contrast with a standard setup for the reels. You’ll find the regular 5×3 grid in use. With 30 win-lines crossing them. You can bet from 30c and up – or add a multiplier.

On those reels are a mix of characters from the show. Tony Soprano naturally has the biggest prize.

Clips and Themed Bonus Games: Sopranos Pokie Design

This game was debuted in 2008. While it does not compare to the more recent designs, there is still a lot to like about the production. Clips from the show come up when you hit a big win, or when you trigger one of the bonus games.

There is even some interaction, for example the characters in the Earn bonus thanking you for picking them. Animations are solid, rather than impressive – with a lot of opportunities to get involved.

Will the Sopranos Pokie Make You Feel Like the Big Boss?

With TV and movie themed pokies, a key question is whether they will appeal to players who do not know the original show. While there is plenty going on to keep players engaged – my feeling is that this is one for the fans. Clips and bonus games themed on the characters are well produced. Many of them also have big win potential. The mystery jackpot is a great addition, that windfall can strike after any spin.

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