The Third Prince Pokies Review

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The Third Prince review

Battle Sea Dragons in this Asian Themed Pokie

Above the reels of this Asian themed online pokie, you will see an Asian warrior in battle with a fearsome sea dragon. There is also a battle as part of the game play. This is a unique bonus feature. The symbols on the reels determine the outcome of a battle above them.

The Third Prince will be familiar to anyone that follows Chinese mythology. Nezha saved China from all kinds of aquatic enemies.

Reasons to Join The Third Prince in Battle:

This real money online pokie combines elements of classic Aristocrat game-play with a truly unique bonus. With a dramatic feel, there are several great reasons to give it a spin:

  • Big Line Wins: With a 5,000-coin top prize, you’ll have plenty of chances of hitting a big win.
  • Wild Symbols: Connect multiple win-lines with wilds.
  • Battle Bonus Feature: This is a hybrid free spins / battle bonus, with big prizes for defeating multiple opponents.

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Free Spins / Battle Bonus

To trigger the main feature in the Third Prince slot machine, you need to hit 4 or more lotus plants anywhere on the reels. It is possible to get more than one of these on a single reel – making the bonus accessible. You’ll also get a scatter prize.

The basis of this bonus is a free spins game. There is no fixed number of spins. You will keep spinning until the battle above the reels is resolved – one way or another.

Each time you get one or more Third Prince free pokie symbols on the reels, the battle gets moving. How many other unique symbols (which all show fearsome sea monsters) are around is key. Each monster will join a line of them above the reels, filling from the right.

These will push the prince along. Once all the monsters are filled in, the prince symbol will say ‘battle’. An animation happens, where he kills the monster(s) to his immediate right. Depending on how many are in a row, you’ll win a number of coins.

If you get 2 princes, the next line of monsters will also be killed.

Battles can resolve in two ways. If the prince gets pushed all the way to the left, he will drop off the corner of the reels – ending the bonus. If he defeats all the monsters, the free spins / battle bonus will also end.

Big prizes come along when you get lines of 5 or more monsters. The top prize is 10000 coins (for 10 of the blue / white ones). These prizes come in addition to any line hits you get during the free spins bonus.

Wilds and Scatters Combined

Lotus flowers are a mix of wild symbols and scatters. They substitute for the prince symbols only and appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. Note that the scatters do not substitute for the prince during the bonus games. You will get a scatter prize during the bonus games. While the battle will continue, these symbols do not retrigger a second fight.

The Third Prince Base Game Setup

Compared to the complex game-play of the bonus feature, the setup is very much regular. There is a 5×3 setup for the reels, and 30 win-lines in play. Bet sizes range from 30c to $1.50c per spin – and you will see the line prizes for different bet multipliers on the pay table.

I like the size of the prizes for 5 of a kind wins. Not only do the top symbols pay a generous prize (5000 coins for 5 princes), the sea monsters also have big prizes. These range from 3000 coins for 5 (the fiery green dragon), down to 1500 coins (the fish general).

Dramatic Battle Music

With the fierce battle above the reels to set the scene, you’ll enjoy some dramatic Asian movie style music in the bonus feature. Symbols are drawn with a lot of detail. These include a stern looking warrior-turtle, a green and a blue dragon and the odd military fish!

Battle bonuses are a lot of fun and come with animations where the monsters move up to the top of the reels. When the prince defeats some monsters, a small flaming effect is used. Those monsters which are killed fall over the reels, generating cash prizes. There are also dull sliver coins which arch over the reels, adding to your total win.

Should You Join the Third Prince to Defeat Sea-Monsters?

Without the unique bonus feature, this would be just another Asian themed classic Aristocrat pokie. That battle (along with the big line prizes) brings this gambling machine to life. If you get a lot of the same monster, and then defeat them in battle, the prizes can be huge. Even smaller victories can keep the free spins games going for a long time.

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