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The Walking Dead 2 review

The Zombie Action Continues with this Sequel to the Original Walking Dead Game

Many follow-up real money pokies simply enhance graphics and add bonus features. Walking Dead 2 from Aristocrat is an exception. This is a completely new game – which focuses on the mid-seasons of the popular TV show. It has become even more popular than the original, and for some very good reasons.

There are new on-reel features, free spins games with expanding reels and a different way to win huge progressive jackpots. You’ll be welcomed to Woodbury when you start the features – and find many of the key characters stacked on the reels.

Reasons to Check Out Walking Dead 2

As well as sequences from the TV shows, there are several zombie animations which have been made especially for this game. Dramatic music and action sequences bring the game-play to life. Here are the highlights:

  • Random On-Reel Features: Get a ‘Wild Hoard’ of zombies or benefit from a Michonne Attack at any time.
  • Jackpot Picks Game: Choose from floating zombie heads to win one of four progressives, sometimes with multipliers.
  • Free Spins Bonus: More picks get you up to 30 free spins.
  • Expanding Reels: During the free spins, governor wilds can double the size of the reels.

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How to Trigger the Free Spins Bonus

Bonus symbols are light blue. They show zombie heads floating in tanks of water. You need 3 of these on the reels (even partially) to trigger the bonus game. First you see a sequence which zooms through a forest. The sanctuary of Woodbury appears, and you fly into a window.

Inside is a view of 5 zombie heads, floating in tanks. These look amazing, with life-like twisted expressions. You pick one, revealing either a number of free spins from 8 to 15, or a pick again at 2x head.

Once the free spins start you will see the reels are much taller. Above the normal set is a second set, which is covered in flames. When you get governor wilds, this second set comes into play. It will expand upwards, sometimes doubling the number of rows – giving you more winning opportunities.

The final reel shows multipliers. These are between 2x and 10x. If you get a 5 of a kind win that includes these wild multipliers, you could be looking at a huge win.

You can retrigger the free spins with 3 more bonus symbols. When this happens, your starting number is doubled.

Jackpot Picks Game with Multipliers

Two regular bonus symbols, plus a jackpot symbol takes you through the same route to Woodbury. This time you see a 4×3 grid of windows containing zombie heads. This is a picks game, where each pick reveals a progressive.

Some picks will show a multiplier, along with the name of the jackpot. For example, Grand x3 will pay 3x the largest jackpot if you do get 3 of a kind. Multipliers can go up to 10x.

After you are awarded one of the jackpots, the scene will change. You go to the picks game for the free spins – and will enjoy this bonus in addition to the jackpot.

Walking Dead 2 Pokie On-Reel Features

There are two extra features, which do not require special symbols. At any time, a message can appear when you press spin. This will give you either a ‘Wild Hoard’ or ‘Michonne Attack’.

Wild Hoard: Here, the reels expand upwards, and zombies appear at the top. These look amazing and will tumble over the reels. As they fall, they will add wild symbols, sometimes a lot of them. These lock into place, and the reels spin as usual.

Michonne Attack: This time Michonne appears holding a big machete. She will hack at the reels, changing a lot of symbols into a single character. Sometimes, a zombie will then walk across the reels – adding yet more symbols.

Base Game Setup

With so many features and animations, it is easy to forget that a solid pokie is at the heart of Walking Dead 2 poker machine. This features 100 win-lines, and bets are between 75c and $3.75. Most of the wins are smaller, with the big wins coming via the features or when you get those 5 of a kind multipliers.

Characters have the biggest prizes and come in big stacks on the reels. These stacks are big enough to cover reels, even when they are expanded during the free spins. Other symbols are icons from the show. They range from purple squirrels, to hats and flowers.

As well as the governor wilds, there are single symbol logo wilds in play.

Apocalyptic Design

Sound effects are almost as dramatic as the visual elements of this pokie. The details are amazing, with animations and sweeping video sequences. Two things stand out for me. First, the Wild Hoard feature, where crazed zombies literally fall over the reels. Second, those picks games, with animated floating heads. Each time you pick one, the glass of the tank will shatter.

Is it Time to Find Woodbury and Play the Walking Dead 2?

As soon as you play Walking Dead 2, you’ll see why this became a smash hit live pokie. The mix of drama, visual effects and varied game-play is hard to beat. The base game has potential on its own – with stacked symbols and multipliers in play. When you add the on-reel features, big jackpots with multipliers and free spins with expanding reels – you have a game which should be on everyone’s must-play list.

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