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The Walking Dead review

Zombies Star in this Epic TV Tie-In Poker Machine

There are now two Walking Dead pokies. While the second one (simply called Walking Dead 2) is the most common in live casinos, the original is still well worth a spin. This focuses on the early seasons of the huge AMC-produced TV franchise.

You’ll find characters on the reels, and amazing video sequences. The part where a hoard of zombies turns to watch the bonus wheel is reason to try this pokie alone. There is plenty more going on, including progressive jackpots and free spins.

Reasons Not to Wait for the Zombie Apocalypse to Try this Pokie

Sweeping scenes through a ruined city and plenty of zombie action are the backdrop. Here are the in-game reasons to take a stroll to the nearest Walking Dead gambling machine:

  • Unusual Reels: Three middle reels have an extra row, which can expand at random.
  • Wheel Bonus Game: Power-up over 8 levels for bigger prizes on the bonus wheel.
  • Progressive Jackpots: Win one of 4 levels of jackpot prizes.
  • Free Spins: With special ‘Guts’ symbols which give you up to 4 wild symbols each.

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Triggering the Bonus Wheel

Big wheel symbols can be found on the Walking Dead pokie reels, and you need the usual 3 of these to trigger the bonus wheel. You’ll first see a sweeping video sequence, which zooms through a post-apocalyptic city. This ends up with a hoard of zombies, who turn to watch you spin the wheel.

There are 4 different types of segment on the giant video wheel. Some of these show jackpots (from mini to grand). Some show cash prizes, and others different numbers of free games, otherwise called free spins. The best segments say, ‘power up’. These get you to a new wheel, with even bigger prizes and more spins. There are 8 levels in total, and you can skip them with certain special segments – zooming all the way to level 8.

What I like best about this wheel is that you keep on spinning. If you get cash, jackpots or power up segments, you will spin again. This continues until you hit a free spins segment.

Free Spins with ‘Guts’ Symbols

In the base game, the middle reels are taller than reels 1 and 5. During the free spins, you revert to a more standard 5×4 setup.

Special symbols can now be found. These say ‘Guts’, and are red, featuring brains and body parts. They hit the reels with a splat, and then ooze downwards in a somewhat gory animation. Each one will leave behind between 1 and 4 wild symbols. With 2 or more of these on a spin, your big-win potential will shoot up.

The wheel bonus symbols are still in play. This means you can retrigger the bonus wheel at any time.

Randomly Expanding Reels

During the base game you will here the familiar music from the show, and the reels can expand. Not all of them grow. This will bring the longer middle reels up by up to 3 rows. With increased win-lines, you’ll have opportunities for more line hits – and a better chance of triggering the wheel bonus.

Walking Dead Pokie Base Game

You’ll spin for 75c, and multiples of this. This covers the base game and bonus features. The max bet in most casinos is $3.75c per spin.

On the reels you will find a mix of characters from the early shows and props. Most of those characters have long since been killed off! These provide your bigger wins and come both as individual symbols and stacked up to 4 rows tall. Other symbols include a black crow, bus and smoke grenade.

Epic Video Sequences and Design

There is plenty of footage from the show involved. Other than the zombies watching the reels, my favourite is the background during the free spins. Here you appear to zoom through city streets. Rubble, burned out cars and zombies are all over.

The wheel bonus is another impressive animation on the Walking Dead online pokie. This mixes a dark wheel or fortune style wheel with zombie action! If you have a sensitive stomach, you might want to turn away when the guts wild symbols ooze down the screen during the free spins game.

Audio effects are excellent. The familiar Walking Dead theme, and sound effects from the show are mixed with real money pokie standards.

Will the Walking Dead Pokie be Killed Off in the Next Series?

There is a lot to live about this TV tie-in poker machine. With the popular 2nd version, and a 3rd one about to hit casino floors, the original Walking Dead has some competition.

When you hit the wheel bonus, you’ll soon agree that the original series is the best! There are opportunities to win huge jackpots, power-up segments and free spins. Look out for those oozing guts symbols, which can cover your screen in wilds.

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