Wild Panda Review

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Wild Panda Review

100 Win-Lines and Wild Giant Pandas

When you first spin this Asian themed Aristocrat pokie, you might be wondering where all the pandas are. In the base game, the iconic bears are conspicuous by their absence. You will find the word ‘Panda’ spelled out across the reels – though most of the symbols are classic Asian fare. You’ll see golden koi carp, a pagoda and a distinctive gold coin with a square cut into the middle.

Why Seek Out the Wild Panda?

Compared to many online gambling machines from Aristocrat, this one has a smart and modern feel. Here are the reasons you might want to check it out:

  • Stacked Symbols: Stacked pagoda symbols give you a shot at some big line hits.
  • Spell Out ‘Panda’ for Free Spins: There is only one feature, though this has a lot of potential for big wins. When you spell the word ‘Panda’, you’ll get 5 free spins – with a lot of wilds on the reels.
  • Flexibility: 100 Win-lines are the default, though you can choose a number which works best for you.

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Free Spins Bonus with Panda Wilds

To trigger this bonus, you need to spell out the word ‘Panda’ across the 5 reels. You’ll see partial spellings all the time. When you do hit the free spins, it makes up for all those times you see ‘pand’ or ‘anda’ during the base game!

First, you’ll see a full-screen panda make an appearance. This creature munches on a long stalk of it’s favoured bamboo. You then go to the reels, where new symbols are plentiful.

These are giant Panda symbols. There are no wilds in the base game this time. In this bonus round, you’ll find a lot of them. Panda symbols replace the other winning symbols. If you are playing all 100 win-lines, these have a lot of opportunities to connect different wins.

Letters are still in play, meaning you can retrigger for 5 more spins each time. While 5 spins are on the low side for pokies, the sheer number of panda symbols means you’ll have a lot of winning potential.

Choose Up to 100 Win-Lines

Along the sides of the reels, you will see long gold strips. These have numbers 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 on them. That is your choice of win-lines. To change this, you need to up the credits per spin. It costs half a cent for each line. This means you spin cost for the maximum 100 lines is 50c. You can up your coin size for bigger bets. I do recommend the full 100 lines. This gives those panda wilds the best chance of connecting wins in the bonus feature.

If you are playing online, you’ll also find an autospin option.

Asian Winning Symbols (but no Pandas)

Gold coins are not the same as the other symbols. These are scatters. You get paid based on the total number in view, even when they do not line up on win-lines. These prizes are a multiplier of your total spin bet. If you get 5 gold coins, that is a generous 200x your bet, going down to 4x for just 3.

Pagoda symbols are stacked on the reels, you will sometimes see them covering all 4 spots on one or more reels. This is where your big win potential comes from in the base game. Pagodas have the biggest prize – 1000 coins for the maximum 5. They pay all the way down to 2 of a kind.

Golden koi carp are next at 750 coins max. A pink parasol, bamboo plant, musical instrument and lily make up the remaining winning symbols. There are also 5 playing card symbols in play, kings down to nines.

Bamboo Forest Design

There is a dense (red hued) bamboo forest behind the reels. While the reels are plain off-white, this pokie looks a lot smarter than many online games from Aristocrat. Having letters spelling out ‘panda’ on the reels gives things a unique look.

Koi carp stand out from the other symbols. They are pure gold, and shows the fish curved – as if swimming. I also like the detail level of the lily.

When you trigger the bonus game you will see a big animation, featuring a hungry panda. The wild panda symbols on the reels are also animated. It eats bamboo when involved in a win – though this does have an awkward feel to it.

There are Asian tunes for bigger wins, in addition to the regular Aristocrat pokie sounds.

Is Whether to Play Wild Panda Black and White?

This pokie looks better than most online games from Aristocrat – though it is another game which only has a single feature. When you do line up the letters and trigger 5 free spins, things get lively fast. A lot of wilds on the reels will bring in some bigger wins. Combined with the solid base game, that makes Wild Panda worth a spin.

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