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Online Pokie Tournament FAQ’s

Mon, Mar 25, 3:28pm by Noah Taylor

Last Updated Tue, Oct 8, 12:45am

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Online pokie tournaments can be somewhat confusing at first, as they can have different structures, rules, and terminology. If you want to learn more about them, read through our pokie tournament FAQ’s listed below.

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FAQ #1: What is an Alias? – When you first launch any pokie tournament at a Microgaming powered casino you’ll be prompted to give yourself an alias, which can be anything you like as long as it hasn’t already been used by another player. You will also be required to give your location. Once you have done this you’ll be able to enter any pokie tournament you like, and that user name will be yours for life.

FAQ #2: What are Tournament Fees? – The commission an online casino makes. For example, in a tournament with a buy-in of $5 + .50, the commission is $.50. Most online casinos charge a 10% fee on pokie tournaments, although there are some exceptions to this.

It is worth pointing out that all of Microgaming’s pokie tournaments use the currency of US dollars, however, Aussie players can choose to have their account balance appear in AUD.

In pokie tournaments, the casino will do the currency conversion automatically. So, it doesn’t matter which currency you choose for your account balance, the proper amount will be taken for your buy-in.

Online pokie tournaments are usually only offered for real money. This means you will not typically find ‘free-play’ pokie tournaments. Also, players cannot use bonus credits to pay for tournament entry.

FAQ #3: What are Freerolls? – A freeroll pokie tournament is a tournament that offers real money prizes, without the need for a cash buy-in. These are generally promotional tournaments to attract new players, or to reward loyal ones. Freerolls generally carry prize pools ranging between $10 – $1000.

Some online casinos also offer exclusive freeroll tournaments that can only be found at that specific casino. Some of them are available to all players and some of them are invitation only. You might also find freeroll tournaments that are offered to players at a number of different casinos (on the same network). Typically, these types of pokie freerolls have the largest prizes, but you’ll have more competition to beat.

All pokie tournaments will have an information page providing details of who can take part, and the way in which prizes are allocated.

FAQ #4: What are Satellite/Feeder Tournaments? – A satellite (aka feeder) pokie tournament is one where players can enter with a small fee (or sometimes free), attempting to win a more expensive seat in a larger tournament.

Feeder/satellite tournaments are a cost effective way to get into big pokie tournaments for a reduced cost.

Should you be lucky enough to win a feeder, your alias will be automatically added to the list of registered players for the big tournament. When the tournament begins you can login and start playing with no additional costs.

FAQ #5: What are Rebuy Pokie Tournaments? – Some pokie tournaments offer early losers the ability to re-enter a tournament, at the cost of another entry fee. When you do this, your previous score is wiped clean and you get to start playing again from scratch. One of the benefits of a rebuy tournament is that a lot of players will rebuy, adding to the total prize pool. For example, the tournament may have a prize pool of $5000 when it begins, but a pool of $7500 by the time the rebuy period has ended.

The ideal situation is to do well on your first buy-in, giving you more value than you’d find in a non-rebuy tournament (because of an increased prize pool that you did not contribute to).

FAQ #6: What is the Continue Feature? – Many online pokie tournaments can run for hours, days, or even weeks, and some of them offer the option of continuing to play in the tournament – even if your initial credits and time have been exhausted.

This is known as the Continue Option, and when offered, you will have to pay a small fee to continue playing from where you finished your previous entry. Your initial score is carried forward and you’re able to continue playing with another set of tournament credits, and another allocated amount of minutes to play.

FAQ #7: What is a Prize Allocation? – The prize allocation is the predetermined fashion on how the prize pool will be handed out to winners. These are usually based on percentages, and based on the number of players in the tournament. How the prizes are given out will be described on the information page of each respective tournament. When the tournament has finished you are not required to claim them, as they are awarded automatically after the tournament has ended.

FAQ #8: What Happens if I Get Disconnected? – If you are taking part in an online pokie tournament and for whatever reason disconnected from the tournament (like a loss of internet connection), then it is important you get back online as quickly as possible.

The pokie you were playing will not auto-play for you, and you will need to log back on and launch that tournament again. Otherwise, the score you achieved at the point of disconnection will be your final score for that tournament. This is also a good reason for active players to make sure they have a reliable internet provider. If you don’t, it might be time to upgrade your service or change internet providers.

FAQ #9: What are Multi-Round Tournaments? – Some online pokie tournaments are made up of multiple rounds. When you have successfully made it through the first round you will be given entry into the next round. You will need to be online and ready to play when the next round begins, otherwise you’ll score zero, and therefore not make it to the next round.

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