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Australian Federal Election Betting – 2010 politics Betting

Thu, Jun 24, 6:12pm by Kevin Pitstock

Yesterday I visited the major Australian sportsbooks to see see what the current odds were. Sportsbet Australia but they didn’t have any odds up on the Australian federal election in 2010.

Sportingbet Australia did however have odds of $2.90 up on the new website. At this time I didn’t know about the impending leadership change that would see Juilia Gillard become our new prime Minister.

In the last 24 hours the odds have changed to $2.65, with the ALP win staying at $1.45. The news reports today have suggested that the ALP are still strong favourites to win the next election over the Coalition.

If polls are anything to go by (usually they aren’t) then punters would be forgiven for jumping on the Coalition here. $2.65 is certainly looking better every day as the Labor Party begins what I predict will be a demise of epic proportions.

Australian gamblers will be looking on in keen interest with this one. Communications minister Senator Conroy is one that we’re keeping a close eye on, and one that many are calling for to be axed.

We’ll keep you updated with reports on how the political landscape in Australia is affecting online gambling.

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