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NRL Commission Short Odds In NRL Betting For A December Start

Tue, Dec 6, 2:50pm by Kevin Pitstock

With news emerging overnight that News Limited’s exit from Rugby League is almost complete, December 2011 has shortened dramatically from $2.00 into just $1.05 with online bookmaker as the month the long awaited 2012 NRL betting Commission is formed.

“It looks as though the NRL Commission is finally here,”’s Ben Hawes said.

“Once they dot the I’s and cross the T’s over the next few days the Commission will be formed.”

The odds of the Commission forming in January, February, March 2012 or later have all blown out to $8.00, $11 and $51 respectively.

When will the NRL Commission be formed? Betting Markets

$1.05 December 2011 (in from $2.00)
$8.00 January 2012 (out from $3.50)
$11 February 2012 (out from $8.00)
$51 March 2012 or later (out from $26)
Pay on the date on which the public announcement is made that an NRL Commission has been formed.

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