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Site Map

Sat, Jul 6, 7:15am by Ethan Anderson

Last Updated Tue, Oct 8, 12:18am

A site map is page full of links that point to the important sections of your site. It’s a tool for users to help them better navigate a site and find the content that they’re interested in. Site maps are divided into categories, sub-categories, and further sub-categories. Think of them as an outline or an organizational structure that’s been put together visually to help users find what they’re looking for. Some of the sections on this site are so large and have so many pages in them that we have sub-site-maps, too.

Casino Pages

This is our main page about casinos, but we also have pages about various casino subtopics below:

Casino Games

This is our main page about casino games. And we have a page about live dealer casino games. We also have quite a few sections devoted to specific games listed below:

Gambling Information

The entire site is about gambling, so, really, our homepage is our main page about gambling. We also have several pages that are about specific subtopics of gambling. Most of them link to dozens of additional pages with even more information.

Sports Betting

You’ll find our main page about sports betting and sports betting sites here. Below, you’ll find individual pages about each sport:

Other Sections

Besides sports and casino games, there are three other major gambling activities that we cover in detail on our site. Those are: