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Lotto Terms

Sat, Apr 13, 11:16pm by Charlotte Lee

Last Updated Tue, Oct 8, 12:36am

Lotto and Lottery Terms and Their DefinitionsThis page consists of definitions of lotto and lottery related terms. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find links to other gambling related dictionaries on different topics, like keno.

6/38 Lottery – The standard Pools lottery game, where you select 6 numbers out of 38 possible choices.

6/45 Lottery – Lotteries in which you select 6 out of 45 possible numbers. Used for the Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday drawings.

Additional Number – A number which unlocks a higher level of prize, the Powerball number in the United States and Australia are a good example of this. The red/black drawing is akin to an additional number.

Annuity Option – Taking a yearly payout instead of a lump sum. One common payout method is 29 or 30 year annuities, though most people take the cash option.

Australian Lotto Lottery – A fake lottery claiming to be organized and authorized by the Australian government. Australia has no official state lottery. These are scammers trying to take people’s money.

Betting Slip – This is the piece of paper filled out and handed to the cashier, so they might print out the lottery ticket.

Cash 3 – A smaller lotto game in Western Australia. Cash 3 is based on a similar game in the USA, and is organized by Lotterywest.

Cash Option – In certain casinos, the player has the option of taking one big payout (for less money) or an annuity for the full amount. The cash option is also called the lump sum option.

Division – Each successive tier of winning prizes.

Division 1 – The top prize in an Australian lottery.

Drawing – When the balls are drawn by the hopper, or results are created, for a lottery.

Hot Number – A number which has been chosen more often than probability suggests it should. Some gamblers believe numbers get hot or cold, though this is a human attempt to apply order to chaos. No number is more likely to hit than any other.

Intralot Australia – Operates the Intralot lottery in the Tasmania and Victoria.

Jackpot – If no one’s numbers match the Division 1 numbers, then a jackpot is declared and the previous Division 1 amount is added to the next Division 1 prize total.

Lotto Pool – When two or more people pool their cash resources to buy a lot of tickets. If they win, all members of the lotto pool win an equal share.

Lotto Strike – A counterpart to Super 66 in New South Wales, administered by the NSW Lotteries.

Lottery Ticket – The official printed ticket with numbers on it. To claim prizes, the ticket must be signed and presented.

Lotterywest – The lottery corporation managed by the State Government of Western Australia, formed in 1933. Lotterywest once was known as the Lotteries Commission of Western Australia.

Lucky 3 – Drawn daily at 6:30pm each night since 2009, this game pays off a maximum $500 prize.

Lucky 5 Red or Black – Drawn daily at 7:30pim since 2009, with a jackpot minimum of $50,000.

Lucky Bingo Star – A drawing held each Saturday at 8pm since 2008. Also known as TV Bingo.

Lucky Keno – Drawn daily at 8:30 in Victoria and Queenland, Lucky Keno is owned by Intralot.

Lucky Lines – Drawn daily at 7pm since 2008, using a 3×3 grid for the numbers selected. Also known as “Cross and Match” in the license.

Lump Sum Option – Another name for cash option.

Monday & Wednesday Lotto – Found in every territory but Queensland, the Monday and Wednesday Lotto is also known as X Lotto. This drawing is administered by Tatts.

Oz Lotto – A natural lottery game since 1994, which takes place on Tuesday night. Oz Lotto is administered by Tattersall’s.

Quick Pick – Instead of filling out a betting slip, players can have the cashier ring up a computer-generated set of numbers. This is then printed on the lottery ticket.

Powerball – Administered by Tattersall’s, this game is modelled on the multi-state Powerball lottery in the United States. Drawings are held on Thursday, ever since 1996.

SA Lotteries Keno – A lottery which draws numbers ever 3:30 minutes all day long, broadcast on ACTTAB.

Saturday Lottery – National drawing conducted every Saturday night by Tattersall’s. This is syndicated throughout the country by the Australia Lotto Bloc. Also known as Tattslotto in territories administered by Tatts; X Lotto in South Australia; and Gold Lotto in Queenland.

Scratch Game – The results are printed under an acrylic plastic film which is scratched off. These tickets are sold at the counter of lottery stores.

Soccer Pools – Also known as the Pools or the Australian Soccer Pools, this is a national lotto administered by SA Lotteries. Numbers are not drawn, but are taken from the results of association football matches.

South Australian Lotteries – Lotto company which operates in South Australia. SA Lotteries is owned by the South Australian Government. Not only does it own games like Keno and South Australia Lotto, but SA Lotteries syndicates the Oz Lotto, Powerball, Saturday Lotto, and (administrates) The Soccer Pools in South Australia.

Standard Game – The standard set of numbers for any given lottery game. If you were playing Powerball, the standard game would be 5 numbers and 1 Powerball number.

Super 66 – Australian lotto game in every province but New South Wales. Super66 is played on Saturday night before the Tattslotto drawing, and is administered by Tatts.

Superdraw – Much the same as “jackpot”, this is what happens when no one wins the Division 1 prize. The next drawing grows much bigger.

Syndicate – Much like a lotto pool, players can buy a ticket with many results, though you share the ultimate prize with other members of the Syndicate if you win. Also known as group play.

Tatts Group Limited – Operates the Tatts brand lottos in Victoria, Tasmania, the Northern Territory, and the Australian Capital Territory. Tatts has managed the Queenland Golden Casket Lottery Corporation since 2007 and the New South Wales Lotteries since 2010 in both ACT and NWS. Also known as Tattersall’s.

Tattersall’s – Another name for Tatts Group Limited.

TV Bingo – Another name for the Lucky Bingo Star lottery drawing. Though it is called TV Bingo, the live drawings are broadcast on the radio network, 3AW.

Wednesday Gold Lotto – A statewide lottery drawing in Queensland. This drawing is administered by the Queensland lottery corporation, Golden Casket.

Winning Numbers – The first numbers drawn in a lottery, prior to the supplementary numbers.

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