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Pokies Terms Dictionary

Sat, Apr 13, 12:10am by Ethan Anderson

Last Updated Tue, Oct 8, 12:36am

A Dictionary of Pokies TermsThe pokie machine dictionary provides the words most rudimentary players use. When you start looking to the wider world of pokies, the alternate names and terminology can be daunting, but the game itself is easy to play. Much of the world calls them slot machines, while people in the UK call them fruit machines.

Bonus – Special triggered free credits and free spins a player might hit from time to time. Many variations of the bonuses exist.

Bonus Game – Regular game play is stopped and a special game with no-risk potential for winning extra coins is offered. Sometimes, this game has special graphics or an interactive quality.

Credits – When a player deposits coins in a machine, they receive credits to activate more spins. Looking at the credit total gives a player knowledge of how many more spins, or how much money, they have left in the machine.

Cumulative Jackpot – The jackpot accumulates each time the game is played an no one wins the top prize. These sometimes become lottery-sized prizes. Another name for progressive jackpot.

Expanding Wilds – A type of wild symbol which expands up and down the length of a reel, giving the player more chances to win.

Fixed Jackpot – The amount of the top prize never changes. Also known as a static jackpot.

Flat Top – A machine with a non-progressive jackpot. Better known as a static or fixed jackpot.

Free Spin – Some pokies offer free spins. One or more free spin icons appear, triggering a certain number of extra spins. These spins might happen in the course of a game, or they might activate a free spin bonus mode.

Fruit Machine – The name for pokies in the United Kingdom, because the first gaming machines in British pubs had fruit on the reels.

Hit Rate – The ratio of winning spins to overall spins, or the ratio of winning spins to losing spins. Players chart the hit rate to see how long they have to wait on average to win money. Players should be aware that a hit rate can be high and the house edge still be unacceptable. For instance, machines with many paylines often register wins, but the amount won doesn’t even cover the cost of the spin. One must be careful hot hit rate is calculated.

Hold – A button which allows a player to hold a certain favourable reel symbol while the other reels spin. This gives a player a better chance to win.

Max Coins – This is the maximum number of coins one can wager. Betting the max coins is often a prerequisite for winning the top tier of a jackpot, whether it’s static or progressive. For instance, a top jackpot might be $200 for 1 coin, $400 for 2 coins, $600 for 3 coins, $800 for 4 coins, and $3000 for 5 coins. In this case, betting five coins activates a much bigger payout. This becomes starker on the progressive pokies.

Maximum – The highest amount one can wager on a given spin on a machine. If the most you can wager is $500, then the max bet is 500 dollars.

Minimum – The lowest amount one can wager on a given spin. If the least you can wager is $0.05, then the min bet is 5 cents.

Multipliers – Reel symbols which multiply the size of the prize won. If on a spin a player win $20 and gets a 5x multiplier, they win $100.

Pay Schedule – A list of payouts according to reel symbols and paylines. Before playing each game, a player should study the pay schedule. Many games have multiple pay schedules, so only one is a full pay.

Payline – A line which cuts across all reels. When the line goes through a winning symbol on each reel, then you hit the payline and you win coins. Pokies can have 1 payline, 3 paylines, 5 lines, or 7, 9, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, or even 100 paylines. Most require a max bet to activate the top jackpot.

Payout Percentage – The amount of money a player can expect to win while playing a machine, out of a possible 100%. If a pokie has a 93% payout percentage, then a gambler can expect to win $93 for every $100 wagered.

No Deposit Bonus – This is not an initial deposit bonus, but freeplay money given to players who sign up or register an account at a site. This bonus is usally a handful of dollars, but it is free of charge. In fact, gamblers need not deposit money in an account to receive the money.

Progressive Jackpot – Another name for the cumulative jackpot. This prize grows each time someone plays and don’t win the jackpot.

Random Number Generator – A software program which uses an algorithm to connect every potential combination on the machine with a number. The random number generator generates thousands of these numbers per second. When you hit “spin” on the pokie, the most recent number is selected and a result is present to you.

RNG – Common abbreviation for a random number generator.

Scatter Symbols – Also called “scatters”, these are reel icons which win when appearing anywhere on the reels. Scatters need not line up on a payline, though multiple scatters are sometimes required to appear.

Slot Machine – The name for pokies in the United States and elsewhere.

Slots Bonus – Term used by foreign online casinos for a welcome bonus directed at players of pokies. Because pokies tend to have a higher house edge than other games, those who play the gaming machines are given better welcome bonuses. This also applies to no-deposit bonuses.

Static Jackpot – The amount of the top prize never changes. Also known as a fixed jackpot or a flat top.

Wagering Requirement – The stipulation which allows online casinos to offer no deposit and welcome bonuses. The wagering requirement stipulates a player must wager the amount of their bonus a certain number of times before withdrawing it. The house edge assures that most players either never see much of the bonus, or won’t see any bonus cash at all. Also known as a playthrough requirement. The lower these are, the more likely the bonus is worth your time.

Wild Symbols – A reel symbol which substitutes for other symbols, allowing for more opportunities to win. Wilds often do not substitute for scatters or multipliers.

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